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Citrus Greening Cure

We’ve been using Free Fertilizer for 3 wonderful and fruitful years! His organic fertilizer helped our citrus trees overcome greening and become great fruit producers! It’s truly incredibl
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The sweetest oranges I have ever tasted!

Although this little tree has not changed in stature in the 16+ years I have lived on this property; it has always produced an abundance of fruit. However up until this season the fruit has always bee
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The Little Tree that Could

I have only recently tried this natural fertilizer (that has been provided by mother nature). Thus far, the results have been good. My avocado plant was sprouting new buds everywhere after the first t
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Massive Growth in Vineyard

Dear Rich, I just thought I would take a minute to give a little customer feedback and thank you once again delivering your fertilizer down to Florida. We just completed harvesting the vineyard. Norma
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