I first met Richard in May of 2018.

I have always had an interest in growing fruit trees, citrus and flowering trees. While my trees all did ok, none were truly successful. I tried different fertilizers and the results were still ok but not great.

Last fall we were hit very hard by Hurricane Irma. Numerous trees were up rooted, many many branches broken and the chance for saving the trees were very slim. We replanted and saved many but they looked very sad. I had a 30 year old Poinciana that looked more like a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. Many branches and few leaves.

Richard came to my house around May 1st and gave the trees and flowers the first treatment of his organic fertilizer. At the same time he gave me many tips on how to help the trees get stronger. In the next 2-3 weeks the changes were noticeable. The leaves began to brighten and look much more green. Small new growth was beginning to appear.

Early June and another treatment proved to be even more successful. More and more new growth! It was exciting. The leaves and new branches on the citrus were so thick you could not see thru the trees. This year the mangoes dropped very few fruit. In the past most fell to the ground as the tree could not hold the fruit.

July brought a third treatment and even greater results. The leaves on the citrus are 2-3 times as large as before. The bananas are growing much larger, looks stronger and are beginning to bear fruit.

I am writing this after three treatments and 75 days since I first met Richard.

Today my yellow Poinciana is blooming with hundreds of blossoms. The big red Poinciana as shown on the attached photos is making a great return and next spring should be a beautiful tree.

I could write much more but will conclude this by saying……THANK YOU RICHARD