I have only recently tried this natural fertilizer (that has been provided by mother nature). Thus far, the results have been good. My avocado plant was sprouting new buds everywhere after the first treatment. I am hopeful that after some time and another treatment, my plants will take off. Just as I have seen from others. I highly recommend that everyone make the change from chemicals to natural. You can only benefit and it is in more ways than you can imagine. Do it not just for your health but the health of your family and for our environment. We have never needed chemicals but somewhere along the line we have been told over and over that this is the only way to get the results you want. That is simply not true and in the long run we do much more damage that good. We need to consider the results of our choices for both our generation and generations to come. Make the change, you won’t regret it.


Well this is about my 3rd or 4th treatment and my trees and plants are really looking good and strong. I have noticed them taking off now that we are into the rainy season. The solid root growth we established, with this good natural food, during the winter is now allowing the plants to really take off. I am hopeful that we can begin a great movement toward getting one city at a time away from chemicals and moved over to what mother nature has provided (and that works). I would encourage everyone and anyone to get off chemicals sooner rather than later and transition over to this natural (free) fertilizer. I am going to post a picture of my avocado and how many fruit it has (for such a small plant). It says it all!











After three years and over 50 avocados fruits