I have been using FreeFertilizer on my vegetable garden and lawn for 6 months
and I have noticed some startling differences.

After the first application, a stray basil seed, that had fallen into my planter box
began to grow — quickly. In no time I had a 2 1/2 – 3 foot plant with leaves that were
the size of tree leaves. A couple of months later I planted some tiny tomato plants
into my backyard plot into a mixture of organic peat moss, untreated cypress chips
and a little horse manure.

I had tried to grow tomatoes two years in a row…. I used chicken poop.
The tomatoes would hang there on the vine, green, for months. That is not the case now.
I now have big, bulbous rapidly-reddening tomatoes clustering all over my vines! And these
plants do not even get full sun much of the day. My kale has gigantic
leaves, and my strawberries, although I only have a few plants, are large and reddening.

This is just my backyard. Down at the Community Garden, where I participate,
I notice that my kale is larger than anyone elses and my tomatoe vines, which
I grew from seed, are robust and spreading! The broccoli is springing up taller than anyone

The salt on the weeds really works. Kind of nice to know I can throw some Morton salt on top of the weeds in my driveway (cheap), while  my children are playing there and the weeds melt away. I think the rain moistened my salt. I didn’t even bother to use any water….

I’m enjoying this.

We are patiently waiting for the former pesticide applications to disingrate and for the lawn
to ‘kick over’ with regards to the organic fertilizer. It has been six months. I see some change.
Slowly it seems to be greening-up. I think the rainey season coming up will facilitate the process.
Interestingly, I am not seeing the weeds that my
neighbors warned me about. And I’m not using any chemicals to kill them.