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The Little Tree that Could

I have only recently tried this natural fertilizer (that has been provided by mother nature). Thus far, the results have been good. My avocado plant was sprouting new buds everywhere after the first t
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Massive Growth in Vineyard

Dear Rich, I just thought I would take a minute to give a little customer feedback and thank you once again delivering your fertilizer down to Florida. We just completed harvesting the vineyard. Norma
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Wonderful Product

We have had three treatments in our yard and I can’t put in to words the happiness of our plants. Within 2 weeks there was tremendous new growth. The more we have the treatments the more reward
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A Veritable Botanical Garden

I just had my yard treated again with organic fertilizer. The yard is a veritable botanical garden, with hundreds of varieties of plants and trees. The past few years it has been invaded by the the Fi
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