Thanks for your order. We will get back with you within 2-3 business days. In the meanwhile, if you have any problems with your order, please contact us at 239-249-4475 to confirm your order was received.

While we provide the fertilizer for free, there are fees associated with shipping and application of our product.  For bulk, international, out-of-state and commercial customers, please contact Richard: (239) 249-4475.

Shipping fees must be paid in advance of delivery. Click the “Donate” button below after you fill out the form in order to expedite delivery. We charge a delivery and application fee of $199, including 1 hour of labor to apply the product to your plants, and up to 40 miles of driving from our headquarters in Naples.

Shipping delivery to distances farther than 40 will charged at an additional rate of $1.75/mi. Labor longer than 1 hour will incur an additional cost of $79/hr. Additional labor expenditures may be paid after work is completed.  This includes costs for the truck, insurance, fuel, maintenance,  etc.

We have multiple shipping locations in  the United States.  Email your address to and we can calculate this value from you, or use Google Maps to estimate the distance to be traveled.

Personal check, cash, or credit card (via paypal below) are accepted methods of payment.