is there a cure for citrus greening disease?

Yes, there is a cure!

You can cure your trees from citrus greening with our citrus greening cure.

Free Fertilizer Inc. has spent years in perfecting our protocol treatment program to save your trees from citrus greening you should follow these simple steps:

  1. Order the service
  2. Schedule an appointment to save your trees!

If you have any questions or would like to order our citrus greening cure, For your Citrus Grove please visit our website and order our spring service before it’s to late to save them.

Fertilizer Naples, FL
HOW IT WORKS: – it kills and repels insects especially the (Asian Citrus Psyllid) and it heals and repairs your tree’s root structure and bring the tree back to health.

Free Fertilizer has the most essential nutrients that citrus trees need to grow healthy and strong we saturate the tree with organic all-natural nutrients that are made from plants these nutrients are very imported to bringing your trees back to healthy fruit production. Here are few nutrients ingredients that we apply to your citrus tree: 3500 ppm of potassium 2500 ppm of Phosphorus 3% nitrogen 2% iron  2% zinc manganese magnesium calcium and we have other ingredients which are proprietary, so if you want to protect your citrus trees and save them from dying from HLB citrus greening disease.

Please call Richard if you have any questions at (239) 565-3150

More image documentation of the citrus cure is coming soon to Citrus Greening Order your citrus cure today!