Citrus greening cure will guarantee our product will save your citrus  trees from greening or we will replace them for free, guaranteed. After 2 years of using our citrus green cure service guaranteed.

Citrus Greening Cure - Free Fertilizer
Save your citrus trees and cure them from citrus greening with our citrus greening cure. Free Fertilizer Inc. has spent years in perfecting our protocol treatment program.

To save your trees from citrus greening you should follow these simple steps:

If you have any questions or would like to order our citrus greening cure, For your Citrus Grove please visit our website and order our spring service before it’s to late to save them !!!

HOW IT WORKS: – it kills and repels insects specially the (Asian Citrus Psyllid) and it heals and repairs your tree’s root structure and bring the tree back to health.

Free Fertilizer has the most essential nutrients that citrus trees need to grow healthy and strong we saturate the tree with a organic all-natural nutrients that’s made from plants these nutrients are very import to bringing your trees back to healthy fruit production. Here are few nutrients ingredients that we apply to your citrus tree: 3500 ppm of potassium 2500 ppm of Phosphorus 3% nitrogen 2% iron  2% zinc manganese magnesium calcium and we have other  ingredients which are proprietary, so if you want to protect your citrus trees and save them from  dying from HLB citrus greening disease. Please call Richard if you have any questions at (239) 249-4475

More image documentation of the citrus cure are coming soon to Citrus Greening Order your citrus cure today!

Here are photo documented testimonials from our customers:

World Record

Largest mango ever grown in North America or South America and second largest in the world. This Mammoth mango weight over 5 pounds, and yes we only used free fertilizer.

Although this little tree has not changed in stature in the 16+ years I have lived on this property; it has always produced an abundance of fruit. However up until this season the fruit has always been inedible & I could not find anyone who knew what type of fruit it was!
Richard has been out to spray my yard the past 2 years & for the very first time in 16 years, this little tree produced an abundance of Oranges! They were the sweetest oranges I have ever tasted & I truly believe it was the organic fertilizer Richard sprays. I am sorry I did not think to take pictures of the fruit on the tree. I am very pleased with the results all my trees & plants after feeding them organic free fertilizer.


We’ve been using Free Fertilizer for 3 wonderful and fruitful years! His organic fertilizer helped our citrus fruit overcome greening and become great fruit producers! It’s truly incredible. Thank you!

Judy Dempseyimage-12782

1-31-2Thank you Richard of Free Fertilizer, Inc.! We have an abundant crop of organic pomelos this year! We beat greening! It’s miraculous!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!



Debbie Hobbs

Debbie’s been a customer for two years and her trees been treated for 2 years. This is her standing in front of a tree after I cured it from citrus greening.

Judy Dempsey

Satisfied customer for over 7 years and she has a lot of different varieties of exotic fruit trees on her property right now she is growing a world record Jackfruit tree